It is true to say that the most important asset of any business is the human capital. In the provision of legal services, that is the absolute truth.

A daily challenge and the most rewarding achievement for us is understanding the needs of our team members and tying their individual goals to the firm’s goals in a meaningful way.

We regard our people as our greatest asset and we are focused on creating an enjoyable and productive working environment for all. In this way, we create an environment for providing legal advice in accordance with the highest standards, which is a strategic priority for our firm. Client satisfaction is one of our fundamental performance indicators for all team members.


The Business-Minded Lawyer

The business-minded lawyer serves clients well. Client concerns are routinely complex and demand sophisticated, multidisciplinary responses. Clients do not come to BDV for rote or off-the-shelf solutions. It is therefore critical that we prepare associates to master both the legal and business fundamentals to be used across a range of diverse contexts; in that way, associates will be able to apply those skills to various complex and often never-before-seen client problems, with the aim of effectively meeting the client’s business needs.

This ideal of the business-minded associate also serves the growth of the firm. Technologies and markets change ever more rapidly. Seizing opportunities requires the agility of versatile professionals. Our idea of developing business-minded lawyers is born of the need for legal excellence combined with sensitivity to the commercial reality.


BDV Summer Program

The Summer Program at BDV presents an opportunity for exceptional law students in their ultimate or penultimate year of legal studies to experience the firm’s day-to-day work. The BDV Summer Program starts In July.

Mentoring is provided at every level of the firm, but it is particularly important for summer law students.

Each summer associate is assigned one partner mentor and one associate mentor, each of whom will provide regular guidance throughout the summer associate’s time at the firm. The pairings may be based on a common background or interest, or a special connection made during the interview process. Partners often work directly with their mentees.

The review process for summer associates mirrors what we use with all associates, offering prompt feedback and assessment. Supervising lawyers offer verbal work assessments, both during assignments and after their completion. Thereafter, supervising lawyers complete a written questionnaire, and the recruiting partner meets with each summer associate to discuss his or her overall work throughout the summer, the learning process, and what practical experience was gained.

Summer associates work side-by-side with partners and associates on complex client projects. These work assignments develop and refine research, writing, and legal analysis skills. Summer associates learn first-hand about trying challenging cases, drafting motions and agreements, negotiating effectively, and closing deals.
Typical assignments for summer associates include writing briefs, motions, contracts and client memoranda, assisting in drafting and negotiation sessions, attending critical meetings, and performing due diligence in corporate transactions.

If you are interested in applying for a full-time associate position or for the BDV Summer Program, please email your résumé to


We encourage everyone to do pro bono work. Summer associates work on existing pro bono cases and transactional matters.

For more information on pro bono, click here.

Summer associates work with an assigning team. The assigning team will check in with their summer associates on a regular basis to ensure that they are doing the work they want to do and to see if their interests have changed.

Each summer associate is assigned one partner mentor, as well as an associate mentor. The pairings may be based on a common background or interest, or a special connection made during the interview process. Partner mentors are not only available to talk and advise, but also typically work directly with their mentees.

Regardless of the economic climate, we hire summer associates each year hoping that each will return as a permanent associate. We choose candidates based on their exceptional credentials and personal skills, and we are confident that they will do superior work and be a welcome addition to the Firm.

Summer associates typically arrive on various dates in May and then depart in late August, spending at least eight weeks at the Firm. Typically, summer associates work from 11 to 12 weeks at the Firm.

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