Our Values


BDV is an independent Croatian firm. BDV attracts strong, motivated individuals who are open to diversity among people and the businesses that surround us.

BDV is proud of being a local firm, deeply assimilated in the southeastern European culture and environment.


We choose quality. Quality of life and wellbeing for our team, quality of the working environment in our firm, quality of the services and products that we use and provide to our clients.

The level of quality that we set for ourselves in the services we deliver is an extension of who we are and what we stand for.

We do not settle for the local market quality standard, we aim to surpass it and raise the bar.


A lawyer is a trusted adviser, a personal confidante.

Trust and integrity are pillars of lawyer’s reputation, ones a lawyer must never lose in the eyes of the client who is entrusting him or her with matters of importance.

We are a team in search of integrity and trust in the people around us, and we guarantee it in return. These qualities are equally important for the relationships within our team.
BDV’s lawyers understand the stakes and the priorities of any given client’s matter. Moving from one engagement to the next, the trusted relationship with the client deepens and adapts to the client’s specific needs.


We believe time is too valuable to be wasted on work that you are not passionate about. The BDV team not only aims to achieve daily tasks but to perform truly satisfying work.

We are passionate about law, structure, writing, communication, negotiating, finding the solution, mitigating risk, and getting the deal through. We are driven by the goal of providing service of the highest quality.

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