Globalization, accession to the EU, and constant change of legislation makes Croatia a challenging environment for businesses. The dynamic environment is forcing companies to rethink their current settings, adjust their business operations, and reorganize. Decision-making processes have become more sophisticated than ever before, requiring flexibility and high-end day-to-day advisory support.

The quality of the decision-making processes, and companies’ abilities to adjust to existing market trends or create new ones rely heavily on legal support.

BDV teams up with clients with the intention of providing legal support in corporate matters, helping clients to tackle market challenges successfully

Being aware that businesses in their daily operations, as well as in special situations, require a hands-on approach, BDV’s corporate team closely cooperates with both in-house counsels and executives to successfully execute business strategies and solve different corporate matters. These matters could include convening, participating in or directing shareholders’ meetings, protecting shareholders from involuntary dilutions, revoking board members, and interpreting the business judgement rule. We understand the dire need for the highest level of responsiveness and we aim to provide initial feedback on any corporate law matter within the shortest possible time period.

We also advise shareholders in regulating effective relationships

Our corporate team follows the best practices in vertical and horizontal corporate governance matters, applying these standards in the context of specific businesses. To that end, we assist clients with the implementation of efficient internal processes between multiple tiers of internal corporate organizations, and the regulation of horizontal (shareholders’) relations.

In special situations, our corporate team assists in finding optimal solutions and strategies for resolving complex shareholder disputes or facilitating shareholder activism.

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