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The Croatian market, as part of the Eastern European emerging markets, has been the focus of investors seeking opportunities that come with higher returns than those existing in the Western European markets. On the flip side, this potentially higher return can be accompanied by greater legal uncertainty, disorder in land registers, continuously changing legal frameworks, and the enforcement of security interests. For these reasons, investors, when making investment decisions, rely heavily on risk assessment provided by legal advisers.

Therefore, investors are, when making investment decisions, more cautious than ever before, and are looking for legal advisers who are equally cautious in their predictions of legal implications in relation to projects where returns are often made only after a longer period of time, accompanied by numerous complex and uncertain administrative procedures.

BDV lawyers understand the importance that legal advice has on an investment decision in Croatian real estate, and act with the utmost diligence while providing that legal advice. We also advise clients on creating a sophisticated investment structure with an aim of optimizing the best return while overcoming legal risks. Our tax law experts actively participate in structuring such transactions in order to achieve an optimal tax transaction structure for our clients.

Our clients include project developers, real estate owners, private and institutional investors, and secured creditors. Our services include advice in ​​project finance, complex security instrument structures, restructuring, leases, and property disputes.

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