Welcome to BDV

We are a Croatian law firm that uses the power of our expertise, business acumen, market intelligence, and technology to provide premium strategic legal advice that will create value and growth for our clients.
We are focused on the Croatian and SEE markets, advising both domestic and international clients in doing business as well as providing legal support to international law firms in cross-border matters.

BDV stands apart by offering clients solution-based legal expertise and a business-minded approach.

We offer an integrated legal and tax service, complementing in-house legal departments in a flexible, responsive, solution-oriented and seamless manner. Corporations that work with us become active participants in our successful decision-making processes.
We make sure our clients’ businesses are safe from legal weaknesses and threats. Full integration of BDV’s services upgrades the client’s operations, helps recognise opportunities, and eliminates legal risks.
The excellence in our work stems from local legal expertise and process efficiency as the main drivers of our firm’s performance.

BDV services are delivered through an advanced set of pre-defined processes and are managed by tight internal organisation, guaranteeing efficient and knowledgeable support with unparalleled responsiveness.

This can only be achieved by having dedicated and driven individuals working together. BDV takes great pride in our most valuable asset, our team.
Our mission is that we, by providing the best quality service that we can, contribute to elevating the quality of the legal system in the Republic of Croatia to the quality levels of the western and central European countries.

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