Private Equity

In this growing industry throughout the region, involving complex M&A, leveraged financing, and tax and restructuring matters, our lawyers have advised and observed the foremost private equity transactions, both on the sell-side and buy-side, or as local counsel to the financiers. Our clients are international private equity houses and local investors.

We are continuously developing our relationship with investors and principals by providing solutions to their unique tasks and strategies  – we collaborate closely with investors and transaction service providers in the due diligence phase, to better understand the strategic and commercial concerns of the investors for drafting optimal and clear acquisition documents.

Our lawyers are capable of taking on the roles of lead counsel in local private equity deals and local counsel in international deals, and we do understand the importance and differences of these two counsel roles

Our lawyers advise private equity investors during the entire investment cycle into a portfolio company, involving the acquisition process, leveraged financing during the acquisition, changes to corporate governance, and restructuring of the portfolio company. Upon successful closing of an acquisition, we take on the tasks involving post-closing restructuring with the ultimate goal of aligning the portfolio company with the best corporate governance practices and regulatory compliance, thereby assisting private equity investors in moving efficiently to the exit phase.

We also assist sellers/management of targets in private equity acquisitions and in subsequent cooperation with private equity houses on implementing joint buy-and-build strategies

Our ability to protect the rights of sellers/management during the implementation of a buy-and-build strategy and during the exit phase has been crucial to our clients. To date, our clients (sellers/management) have expected contractual protection with detailed option provisions, including drag and tag rights for sellers/management, with the aim of successfully enforcing these rights under local law. Enforcement of contractual rights under local law is our lawyers’ primary objective and interest.

BDV understands that financing is critical to a successful closing of a private equity transaction. For that reason, our lawyers understand their role as local counsel in providing clear and well thought-out advice on practical issues such as financial assistance, and debt pushdown or capital adequacy in downstream mergers, in view of local law regulation.

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