Our Approach

Our approach is determined by our belief that only legal advice fitted to commercial reality can drive up the success of a business and that by being committed to delivering premium strategic legal advice to our client, we contribute to the strength, predictability, and growth of the Croatian economy as a whole.


BDV is not in the business of selling legal services, but of selling business solutions delivered by lawyers.

We learn from the businesses we admire, from our clients, from our team members, and from our own experiences. In managing our business, we align our internal structures and processes with the latest findings in business administration research. We integrate legal expertise, technology, and process management into our commitment to embed efficiency and rapid response rates into every step of the process to the benefit of our clients. In order to understand our clients’ needs, we have structured our business internally the same way our corporate clients do.

Complex business challenges require simultaneous services of different specialists, other professional advisers, and collaboration with the client’s in-house legal team.

We are very meticulous in selecting the professionals who join us. We search for experts in their respective fields who possess a business-minded approach, problem-solving prowess, and attention to detail.
Our team consists of diverse, multifaceted, and agile experts who can quickly adapt to new clients’ circumstances, requests, or problems and who have the capability to resolve them effectively in the client’s favour.
We also advance the quality of our services by fostering close relationships with the academic community. By supporting academic initiatives, sharing our experience, and providing law students with specifically-tailored internship opportunities in the firm, we bring academia and legal practice together.


General counsels in the corporate legal departments of our clients are focused more than ever on turning their departments into value centres rather than cost centres. That is why we believe that providing more value at a lower cost is a challenge we are required to address in order to keep our clients satisfied and help them achieve their set goals.
We explore on a daily basis ways of raising the value of our services by controlling their costs and optimizing the way in which we deliver these services. This approach does not hurt the profitability of our business or the satisfaction of our team members.

We design the process in which we create legal advice by applying lean management principles in order to facilitate transparency, predictability, efficiency, and collaboration.

Our team is an essential part of that process and its continuous improvement, in which any redundant step is eliminated, whereby our team members are provided with everything they need to meet and surpass the expectations of our clients.
We aim to keep our organizational structure flat and nurture the idea of an “adhocracy” – fast, responsive, adaptive, and creative behaviour required in a professional service environment which feeds the quickly-changing demands of the business world.

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