BDV analysed mediation framework in Croatia for Ministry of Justice

BDV advised the Ministry of Justice of Croatia in the successful completion of a comprehensive in-depth written study related to mediation.


The written study drafted by the BDV team is over 130 pages long. It analysed the potential shortcomings of the current Croatian legal framework for mediation, as well as lays down an extensive list of recommendations on how to both enhance and improve this framework. The proposed measures are not just limited to improving the existing judicial and extrajudicial mediation procedures, but also encourage other types of alternative dispute resolution procedures that are widely considered the best means of dispute resolution in various areas of law today.


In drafting this study, BDV team paid particular attention to the undisputable fact that different types of disputes require different types of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms – same solutions cannot be equally applied in a case of commercial and consumer disputes in Croatia. This approach resulted in a creation of a comprehensive study that may serve as a basis for further legislative reforms on alternative dispute resolution in nearly any major area of Croatian local law.


BDV team that worked on a study consisted of Vladimir A. Batarelo, Laurenz W. Vuchetich, Tomislav Sadrić, Marko K. Bohaček and Fran Marko Stojković.

Tomislav Sadrić visited Lisbon as a member of the national delegation of dispute resolution experts. The aim of the visit was to meet leading Portuguese experts and to exchange experiences on implementing advanced models of dispute resolution in both jurisdictions. During the visit, Croatian delegation visited Portuguese Directorate-General for Justice Policy, Lisbon’s Central Civil Court, and the High Judicial Council.


We thank our colleagues from the Ministry of Justice of Croatia for their invaluable support throughout the process. BDV will continue closely observing the development of alternative dispute resolution structures in Croatia and will strive to contribute within our field of expertise.

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