Integrated Tax Advisory

Incentives and disincentives created by tax systems, together with legal considerations, affect the behavior of both individuals and companies, whether acting nationally or across the boarders. Taxation traditionally appears as an important, sometimes crucial, determinant for businesses in their decision on whether, where and how to invest, and how to structure and conduct their business operations, or specific transaction.

Croatian tax system is facing extremely dynamic period in its development, being affected by two recent events – accession to the European Union, and ongoing tax reform. Meanwhile, in the international tax arena, OECD’s BEPS action plan and EC Tax Avoidance Directive have announced additional amendments to be expected in the national tax systems. This creates a bumpy landscape putting various challenges for both tax authorities and entities doing business in Croatia.

With deep and profound understanding on how tax and legal considerations relate, we are optimally prepared to assist our clients in making appropriate and targeted decisions.

We combine the creative expertise of different practice areas and tax law. Our extensive experience in tax law matters, and the team whose members are experts in their fields of law, creates a unique solution-oriented approach recognized and praised by our clients.

Our experience covers a wide range of disciplines – from VAT, corporate and personal income tax, transfer pricing, international tax law, to tax disputes and litigation – with a main goal to achieve risk reduction, avoidance of tax controversy, and the successful resolution of an unavoidable dispute. Regardless of how the issue is complicated, our approach remains consistent – to keep things as simple and straight-forward as possible and to provide clients with a clear and solution-oriented guidance.

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